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Keyword Density Analysis

Professional Keyword Density Analysis


Keyword Density Analysis is an important point for on-page optimization and content creation. Search engine spiders are looking for pages that are relative to a search phrase, so they like to see phrases repeated within the copy of that page. Pages that are heavy on graphics and low on text make it very hard for spiders to determine whether or not a site is relevant for a keyword. Spiders need text to make that judgment.

Keyword DensityFor this reason, it is suggested that each page contain an absolute minimum of 250-300 words of keyword dense copy. (Keep in mind that this copy not only benefits your search engine rankings, it also provides your prospective customer with plenty of insight into your products and services, thus helping to convert sales.)

You might be wondering what "keyword dense" copy is. Search engines aren't able to process words and information in the same manner that humans are, so they do the best they can. In determining the rank of particular pages, search engine spiders scan through the text on your site and process how often certain keyword phrases show up. The ratio of keywords to total copy is known as "keyword density."

Samui SEO's professional copywriters will find always the right balance between the amount of text and the density of your important keywords.

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