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The difficulty in Content Creation for websites stems from having to balance two major, sometimes conflicting components involved in SEO content writing – quality and keywords. Effective search engine marketing means not only maximizing traffic to a website, but grabbing and retaining the attention of the searchers. (In sales terms, that typically translates into converting a high percentage of that traffic into customers.) Good website content achieves both objectives – utilizing strategic keywords delivers the traffic while high quality content engages the visitor.

SEO Content Creation & Social Media Content CreationQuantity equals quality as far as keywords alone are concerned. Incorporating strategically selected keywords and phrases into the web code and littering them throughout the text alone will increase the traffic to a website regardless of the quality of the content. The quality of content does not matter that much if the searcher does not need much or any convincing after being directed to the product via keywords.

But keywords and quality come into direct conflict with each other when the content is needed to engross and grab the searcher’s attention after reaching the website. Having to proliferate the text with keywords for search engine marketing purposes can ultimately compromise the integrity of the content by disrupting the flow, being repetitive and making the writer seem less than professional. The keywords usually dictate the subject matter and overall theme of the content.

Besides engaging the visitor to the website, content quality does serve a search engine marketing purpose as well. High quality content increases the traffic and raises the ranking of the website on search engines in the long run by attracting links. The more links a website has, the higher it will rank on search engines such as Google.

Samui SEO's professional copywriters are able to create keyword rich content for your website without loosing the focus of your website visitor.

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